All About Indian Dessert Dishes


Although this dish has its origins in Persia. Jalebi is an international dessert with differences that increase throughout the Middle East, India, and Asia. Basically, they create this sweet dessert by mixing flour, yogurt, ghee, as well as baking soda or yeast to form it into a batter. Then they pour in circular patterns directly into the hot oil. After taking them out they dipped them into the sugar syrups. It can be flavored with rosewater, saffron, and cardamom. Usually, they sprinkle it with chopped pistachios or saffron threads. In India, people generally serve this with a thick, milk-based rabri.


People generally prepare Kheer or pudding in many different versions across the globe. It is an ancient Indian dessert. It is a common dish at many Indian ceremonies, festivals, and celebrations; however, we can consume it any time of year. We can prepare Kheer boiling rice with milk and sugar. Then it can be further flavored with dried fruits, nuts, cardamom, and saffron. People said that this dessert originated 2000 years ago in the Lord Jagannath Temple in the Orissa state of India. Traditionally, they prepare Kheer as an offering to the gods. Today, people serve kheer at wedding ceremonies. 


Moong Dal Halwa is a popular and rich sweet dessert recipe from North India. This halwa is very delicious and sweet. It is one of the sweets you cannot stop someone or even yourself from eating but this halwa takes a lot of time and effort. So make this halwa on a day when you have a lot of time, patience, and yeah energy obviously.


Gulab jamun is a dessert that looks like solid balls that are based on milk solids. Then they knead the dough into round-shaped balls and then deep-fried in ghee. The balls were then dipped in sugar syrup flavored with saffron, green cardamom, and rose water. Gulab Jamun is served garnished with dried nuts to further increase its flavors. Nowadays, People generally prepare Gulab Jamun at weddings and during the Diwali festival.


Gajar ka halwa is a sweet pudding prepared with grated carrots, milk, sugar, nuts, pure ghee, and dried milk or khoya. Nowadays people consume it throughout India as a daily treat or a traditional sweet during many Indian festivals. They can modify this with seasonal and regional ingredients and it can be consumed either warm or chilled. 


This traditional Indian dessert dish is prepared with different types of flour that are mixed with sugar and then shaped into round balls. Laddu appears in many different varieties and is prepared with a number of different ingredients. The common types of flour used are chickpea flour, wheat flour, and coconut flakes. Dried fruits or nuts are often mixed to provide sweetness and enhance the flavor. Nowadays, people serve this dish on occasion and use it in temples as an offering to the Gods.  


Rasgulla is a traditional dessert. People usually serve this dish at the end of a meal like other Indian milk-based desserts. They prepare it from chhena paneer alimentary paste and cereal dough, cooked together in sugary syrup. The question of the origin of rasgulla is the topic of debate because both West Bengal and Odisha are claiming to be the origin of the dish. Every generation loves this dish very much. We can prepare this dessert at any time.


Kaju katli is a traditional Indian dessert and has a diamond shape. People prepare this sweet with cashew nuts, sugar, cardamom powder, and ghee or butter. 

Traditionally people consume Kaju Katli during the Indian festival and also serves as an ideal gift for friends and family on special occasions. People prepare Kaju katli generally during Ganesh Chaturthi. Sometimes, people add saffron or dried fruits to the dessert in order to increase its flavors.


Ras malai is a popular Indian dessert. People often added almonds, cashews, and saffron to the dessert which they prepared with the help of chenna. The name of the dessert is a mixture of two Hindi words, ras, meaning juice, and malai, meaning cream. They serve this dessert chilled and garnished with cardamom seeds or dried fruits. This delicious dessert is most popular during festivals like Diwali.


Barfi is an original Indian dessert that favors fudge. It belongs to a large group of Indian sweets named mithai.  People prepare this dessert with khoya, powdered sugar, and ghee. The most common ingredients they use are nuts, usually pistachios, cashews, and peanuts. After cooling down, they cut the dessert into diamond, circle, and square shapes. People used to eat Barfi around the whole country but it’s especially popular in northern India. People also use it as a gift during the Diwali festival. Barfi is usually decorated with the edible silver leaf when served at weddings and in festivals.

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