Are Momos and Dim Sums Same?

Dim sum or dumpling is a dish of Chinese origin. Dim sum, which from a genuine perspective makes a translation of ‘so close to the heart’, are decreased pieces of food that are filled in as a side dish to tea in China. They are basically consumed as remunerations or appetizers. The outer shell of a faint aggregate can be made of a variety of starch-rice starch, cornstarch, potato starch, custard starch, and surprisingly refined wheat flour. There are around 2000 sorts of faint totals available in the business community, for example, chicken feet, lotus-leaf-wrapped sticky rice, congee, sweet things like egg tarts, custard buns, etc. You might be astounded that spring rolls are moreover a sort of faint aggregate! Faint aggregates are generally the more first rate food experience than all else.


Momo is clearly a dish of Tibetan origin. A momo can be known as a dim sum, however, a dim sum can’t be known as a momo. A momo can be characterized as a steamed dumpling with many grouped fillings, basically made with wheat flour or white refined flour. The filling customarily made of different blends of ground meat, vegetables, tofu, paneer, cheddar, delicate chhurpi (neighborhood hard cheddar), and so on It is delighted in with steaming hot stew sauce, frequently known as the ‘momo chutney’. It is simpler to find a momo merchant or outlet at your city intersection than to find the dish on the menu of top-notch food, five-star café. A plate of momo is inconceivably soothing and moderate, and simultaneously will top you off.

Here are the contrasts between the two:-

1. Momos are Tibetan, while dim sums are Chinese. 

Dim sums are little scaled down parts of food that are offered as a backup with tea in China. Dim sums are only delighted in as light tidbits and are not eaten to satiate hunger. In Tibet, momos are viewed as an informal public dish where they are presented with hot and fiery bean stew sauce. 

2.Though momos are steamed dumplings with filling inside, dim sums are far more than that.

There are just about 2000 sorts of dim sums accessible in the food market, for instance, chicken feet, lotus-leaf-wrapped sticky rice, congee, sweet things like egg tarts and custard buns, and so on. You may be amazed spring rolls are additionally a sort of dim sum! 

3. Momos are full dumplings that are basically made of wheat flour while dim sums can be made with any sort of starch. 

Dim sums can be made with anything going from rice starch, potato starch, or wheat starch. 

In conclusion

You won’t ever see a dim sum slow down by the side of the road. It is to a greater degree a high-end food undertaking. In any case, it isn’t the equivalent of momos. One can discover a momo slowing down at any corner or a food court.

Delicious Chicken Momos Recipe 1.2

Other than dumplings and momos, there are others as flavorful as the two. Here’s the rundown:-

1. Dumplings 

Dumplings dumpling, all over! There are Pork dumplings, chicken dumplings, fish dumplings, and even vegetable dumplings that can be steamed, sautéed, southern style, or bubbled; there are simply such countless various types of dumplings out there. Before you get overpowered, simply realize this- a dumpling is a widely inclusive term for a little bite. Dumplings are simply wheat-based snacks for certain fillings, or now and again there is no filling by any means! Along these lines, even an Italian Gnocchi or Ravioli, or even our own special Indian Samosa will qualify as a dumpling! 

 2. Dimsum 

The expression “Dimsum” originates from a Chinese dictionary. Tea consistently goes with the humble dim sum as it is never served without anyone else. There are countless various types of dim sum, including sweet ones as well! Dimsum can likewise be made with any sort of flour-be it rice, or wheat, or even potato starch. Dim sum’s external covers are semi, or now and again, even completely straightforward and the fillings are finely diced and hacked. Dimsum feasting is regularly a lovely undertaking once in a while in any event, turning over to being a high-end food experience. In any event, spring rolls can qualify as a dim sum, however not all dim sum can be called dumplings. Doesn’t appear as convoluted currently, isn’t that right? 

3. Momos 

Presently, going to our dearest darlings Momos are originally not even Chinese! They are the Tibetan or Nepalese partners of the Dimsum. Momos were never proposed to be a top-notch food experience-which is the reason they are humbler and more omnipresent, regarding accessibility. Momos are additionally to a lesser extent a top-notch food experience and a greater amount of something ordinary. They are customarily expected to be just steamed, made with wheat flour, and for the most part consistently loaded down with some filling. In addition, momos, not at all like dim sum, are generally eaten alone with no sort of refreshment going with it. In any case, momos can be alluded to as a sort of dumpling! Alright? 

4. Wontons 

These are a sort of dumpling that is generally found in the Northern districts of China. In contrast to their siblings, the dim sum, and the momo-wontons are all the more square-ish fit as a fiddle and somewhat more fine in their surface and are additionally seared to brilliant earthy colored flawlessness. The fillings inside are likewise seasoned seriously with garlic and ginger-in this manner giving the modest Wonton a one-of-a-kind spot in the dumpling corridor of popularity! The garlic-cheddar Wontons are our record-breaking undisputed top choices overflowing with cheddar and fresh, flaky earthy colored from an external perspective! 

5. Gyoza 

The gyoza is a considerably more late expansion to the dumpling family, and it comes right from Japan! The gyoza has a much more slender external layer, and the fillings are additionally more finely slashed. The Japanese gyoza is a nearby cousin of the Chinese dim sum. Yet there are unpretentious contrasts in the flavor, surface, and cooking methods of both.


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