Best And Easy Ways For Baking Bread And Pastries 1.1

Best and Easy Ways for Baking Bread and Pastries

The Ultimate Guide for baking Bread and Pastries

Baking bread and pastries at home is a daunting task, and hence it is crucial to have some tips in hand before trying to bake one. People who want to master baking during lockdown are at the right place as we will provide some expert advice that can help all the new bakers while baking bread and pastries at home.

1. The need for a Digital Scale

Weighing every gram of flour is essential while baking bread or a pastry. Weighing flour is also a not complicated task when compared with finding accurate volumes for liquid. Considering flour and other dry ingredients can go even smoother with the help of a digital scale or meter.

It is significant to use the correct quantity to produce accurate results in baking bread and pastries.

2. Try out diverse varieties of flour

There are different types of flour available in the market, and hence selecting the gluten-free one can provide an additional lift to the bread or a cake. Gluten-free flour also contains 14-17 % protein when compared to other varieties of flour.

Bakers can also try different experiments like using all-in-one purpose flour as a substitute for gluten-free flour or using gluten-free flour in 1:1 ratio as a substitute for gluten-free flour. 

3. Never over-knead the dough

A common mistake most of the new bakers make is they over-knead the dough by adding excess pressure and grease to the mixture. A simple way to check the flexibility of the dough is, the entirely kneaded dough can stretch about 3-4 inches which is the best for baking bread and pastries.

Best And Easy Ways For Baking Bread And Pastries 1.2

4. Always watch your oven

Most of the experts ask new bakers to keep an eye on their range as sometimes due to temperature differences a bread can under-bake or over-bake, which shouldn’t be based on the recipe they have followed.

One can check for the accurate temperature by using a thermometer and can also keep an eye so that the bread does not burn.

5. Significance of right yeast in baking

Yeast or baking soda plays a crucial role in leavening the bread and hence it is recommended to strictly use the type of yeast mentioned in the recipe which home bakers follow while baking bread and pastries. 

Yeast also has short-shelf life and hence makes sure to check the expiry of the yeast before using it in the recipe. 

6. Importance of salt in baking

Apart from taste, salt also plays a vital role in playing chemical interactions between yeast and flour. A home baker must ensure to taste the dough to make sure that they have used the right quantity of salt in the dough.

7. All about the poking strategy

Proofing or poking on the dough is the final step to perform before baking the bread. It is essential to drive the dough in the right way for lifting the bread. Bakers can use their fingers to poke the dough before baking.

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