Banana Cake-A Healthy Twist Of Taste 1.1

Banana Cake – A Healthy Twist Of Taste


Eating healthy and gaining weight seems like an unattainable goal, especially for the people who have sweet teeth. But this goal can be achieved with a delicious and healthy banana cake. 

More About Banana Cake

 As the name suggests, it is prepared with banana as a chief ingredient along with other cake elements. And the best thing about this is, it can be prepared in other variants too such as muffins, cupcakes, layer cakes etc.


Banana is the major component in the whole process. Other ingredients such as flour, baking soda, butter and eggs are also used as these are the typical cake ingredients. One can also use overly-ripe bananas to prepare it. To add the flavour of sweetness chocolate can also be used. It can be baked or steamed as per your convenience and preference.

A Low Fat Dish

If you are looking for any sweet dish which gives you the best flavour and doesn’t make you fat, you can happily opt for healthy and delicious banana cake.


This super delicious and healthy cake was developed as a source of income, though it’s hard to believe this fact. As per the records from history banana cake was invented during the depression era of the 1930’s. The inventor was not any famous chef, it was invented by the housewives. As a source of income and survival this cake was developed. 

Who knows, their invention will become a famous, healthy and super tasty dish in the near future.

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Types of Banana Cake

Banana cake can be prepared in many variants. Following are some of its types: 

1. Chinese Cuisine

It is a type of gao i.e flour based and steamed cake. Chinese cuisine is a popular dish in China and the fun fact here is that it is not served as a dessert. It is served along with meals or in between meals with tea.

2. Vietnamese Cuisine

It is a kind of bread pudding. It’s quite popular in Vietnam. It is typically a steamed cake. However, bread pudding may be baked. It is known as Banh chuoi.

In Indonesia, banana cake is termed as kue nagasari. It is a kind of steamed cake that is prepared using banana, rice flour, sugar etc.


Many people are confused between  banana cake and banana bread. But there lies a difference between both of them. A banana cake is a mixture of butter cake with some mashed bananas but banana bread has a dense and a firmer texture.

How good it feels to eat a delicious dish that does not urge you to run to the gym and lose those extra calories. However the great thing about this cake is it does not make you gain weight. So Just enjoy the flavor and give yourself a sweet treat with a blend of nutrition. Have a happy sweet treat. For more information, you can contact Delhi Deli Café.

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