Diabetic Indian Dessert Recipes

Diabetic Indian Dessert Recipes

Here are some of the best delicious, Sugar-Free Indian desserts you can easily make at your home:

1. Almond Malai Kulfi

Everybody just really loves the rich and creamy taste of kulfi. Traditionally, kulfis are a delight in the summer season. They are present with their chilled smooth texture and a unique flavour. Badam Malai Kulfi is the best choice to defeat the summer heat. You have to reduce the milk to make a thick rabri and mix it with almond milk. However cardamom powder and saffron milk gives a great flavour and taste.

2. Oats Kheer

This is just the perfect dessert option for an after meal. It is rich in crunchy nuts, dry fruits and oats. It is very easy to make, you can have it for breakfast also. If you have this kheer you will never go back to rice kheer. It is super tasty and you can have it while you are on a diet.

3. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is a super delicious and authentic dish. Generally people prepare this dish during winters. A dissolute winter dish, gajar ka halwa is no doubt one of the most loved Indian sweet dishes. It contains shredded carrots slow-cooked in milk till it is completely absorbed with sugar. Households also prepare this at their home by themselves.

4. Modak

It is a Maharashtrian super yummy dish. Modak is most popular during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi which is generally celebrated by the Maharashtrians. The sweet dish is known to be Lord Ganesha’s favourite dessert. These are very tasty and delicious and also you can prepare Modaks at home for a sweet dish. Modak are sweet covers filled with sweet stuffings.

5. Khaas Malpoi

It is a fusion dish containing stuffed pancakes with carrot halwa. Hence Khaas Malpoi can be a great festive sweet dish packed with the richness of carrot, nuts and rabdi. This dish is generally loved by childrens. However Khaas Malpoi is available in most of the restaurants in India.

6. Grilled Almond Barfi

This Indian sweet dish contains 2 main ingredients. This dish is a great combination of healthy and tasty at the same time because of the richness of almonds in it. However Grilled Almond Barfi is very easy to make. Generally households prepare this dish by themselves during festivals or any special occasions.

Diabetic Indian Dessert Recipes

7. Faldhari Badam Barfi

This sweet dish is generally nutty and crunchy in nature. So if you like nutty and crunchy barfi this will be the best choice for you. This dish is definitely going to treat your taste buds. However this is not very expensive. Also you can make this dessert by yourself at home.

8. Phirni

It is fully loaded with sweetness, enhanced with broken rice and cooked in the full cream milk, nuts, dry fruits and aromatic flavours like saffron. Phirni is the undisputed queen of Indian desserts. This can be easily prepared at home and you can use sugar free instead of Sugar crystals.

9. Dates And Nuts Ladoo

Ladoos are an essential part of Indian cuisine. Sweet round balls of goodness, generally they are a part of every Indian celebration, festival or just when we crave something really sweet. You can have them if you are a diabetic patient. It is also a healthy option as it contains nuts and dry fruits.

10. Anjeer Ki Barfi

Anjeer (fig) comes loaded with health benefits and can be eaten in many different forms. It can be added to many different delicious sweet dishes. Hence you can prepare this decadent barfi with the goodness of fig and cashew without sugar.  

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