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Ezekiel Bread – Let’s Shed Those Extra Calories

The bread has a separate fan base. We all can admit this, we all love it. But eating bread in excess can make you increase your weight. But this is not in the case of  Ezekiel bread.

What Is Ezekiel Bread?

Ezekiel bread also known as sprouted bread is made from whole grains. It is germinated before being milled into flour. Thus the major ingredient in this bread is whole grains.

Though the name is a bit complicated, when it comes to benefits nothing can beat it.

The Weird Story Behind Ezekiel Bread

There exists a weird story behind the Ezekiel Bread Nutrition.


The basic meaning of Ezekiel is “God’s strength”. The reference of Ezekiel can also be found in the holy book of the Bible. The recipe of Ezekiel bread can be found in the holy book Bible.


The origins of Ezekiel bread can be traced back to 6th century BC. A bread was made using lentils, wheat, barley, beans, millet and spelt.

The Ezekiel bread found its name from its creator Prophet Ezekiel. The fun fact here is, when it was made in the 6th century  BC water was not used in its preparation. It is believed that Prophet Ezekiel sustained without water for 390 days. Thus he didn’t use water while making the Ezekiel bread.

The origins are quite amazing. It has a very long and great history.

Ezekiel Bread Nutrition_ Let’s Shed Those Extra Calories 1.2

Ezekiel Bread Nutrition

In comparison to normal bread, Ezekiel bread is way more nutritious. 

Carbohydrates – 75%

Fat – 40% 

Gluten – 47% less than the other or regular bread

Hence in contrast to the regular bread, Ezekiel bread is very nutritious. Less gluten indicates higher nutritional value, thus, making it extremely beneficial for consumption.

As the Ezekiel bread is made from grains it provides a lot of amino acids and proteins. Hence it provides you many benefits in comparison to regular bread.

The widespread issue of coronary heart disease can be prevented with the intake of Ezekiel bread. As this bread is made from grains, barley, oats etc all these are very healthy and good for the smooth functioning of the body and heart. Thus it prevents you from this fatal disease.

Essence Bread

It is a kind of Ezekiel bread. This was invented by a Jewish religious group in around the 2nd century BC to the 1st century AD. Though there is no strong evidence in this regard. It is prepared at a low temperature and is made from whole wheat. The reason being prepared at low temperature is that through this it retains all its vitamins.

Thus what is more good than this. Eating Ezekiel bread can give you multiple benefits. Nobody thought that eating bread can do no harm to you or to your body. It is loaded with benefits and consuming it on a daily basis can keep the fatal diseases at bay. Filled with the goodness of nutrition, it can increase your energy level. The work efficiency will increase. Have a happy munching with the nutritious Ezekiel bread.

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