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Ice Cream Near Me – Flavorome Sweet Treat

Ice Cream Near Me: Flavorsome Sweet Treat

Dinner is done right, and now, it’s time for some sweet dishes. The happy go lucky dish is right on its way to give you a flavored treat. And the best thing, you don’t have to go here and there in search of it. Here we are talking about ice cream near me.

Ice Cream Near By Me

Today ice cream that is widely available in every corner of the world has its own share of history. It is said that it dates back to the 3rd millennium BCE in ancient China. Though there are some reports that state it originated in the Roman Empire. But some reports also state it originated in Mongolian Empire. But keeping its exact origin at bay, it’s the best sweet treat one can give to his mouth.

What Exactly Is It?

Despite having an exotic taste, let’s have a look at what exactly ice cream is. It is a sweetened solid food that is mostly eaten as a snack or dessert. Prepared with the goodness of fresh dairy milk or cream with some added sugar or other sweetener alternatives. In addition to all this colours are also added to make it look more attractive.


With the change in time, ice cream has also undergone a lot of changes. From being called a luxury item to ice cream near by me, it has evolved a lot. Following are some of its types:

Mochi Ice Cream

This kind of ice cream was invented by a Japanese-American businesswoman Frances Hashimoto. It is in round shape, rice dumplings also known as mochi are used to prepare this. Mochi adds texture making it more soft and beautiful. The traditional mochi used to come in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate variants but now many flavors are available.

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It is a frozen dessert whose major ingredients are water, sugar, fruit juice, wine and rarely honey. It is believed that this originated in ancient Persia. People who are allergic to dairy products can opt for this as sorbet does not include dairy commodities.


There lies a slight difference between sorbet and sherbet. Sorbet does not include dairy but the latter contains dairy products. The other process remains the same.


Gelato is an Italian origin dessert and contains low fats. This was introduced in the 1600s in a café. So now it is a very popular dish worldwide.

The battered ice cream, popularly known as the Turkish mastic ice cream is a very progressive trend. It is also termed as Dondurma. So the reason behind its popularity is its various tricks that are being used by the seller. Whenever a person eats Turkish ice cream he or she for sure posts it on social media. This has generated quite a hype.

Have a look at some of the amazing facts featuring ice cream:

  1. The most popular ice cream topping is chocolate.
  2. The tallest ice cream cone was over 9ft tall in italy.
  3. The United States consumes the most ice cream.

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