Is Eating Momos Good For Health

Is Eating Momos Good For Health?


Momos are dumplings originating from the east and south Asian region and are popularly served all over the world. They are made of flour dough pastry as the outer cover and filled with veggies or meat. The momos are either steamed or fried until they turn crispy and brown. They are served with a momo chutney or dipping sauce. This sauce is generally quite spicy as the momos do not contain spice at all. We can see a variety of versions in momos that are invented recently. Hence, we can also see a number of restaurants and street stalls that serve delicious and mouth-watering momos. 

But one thing that always lurks in people’s minds is whether momos are healthy or not. They might have believed certain myths or misconceptions that would have spread or gossiped about in their vicinity every single day. But no one knows if it is correct or not unless an expert talks about it with the help of facts. So whether these myths are true or false needs to be addressed so that people can enjoy their plate of delicious momos peacefully. 

We have got you a list of why momos are healthy and whether the myths are true or not. Dive into the article to find all your answers and explore the world of momos. 

Health Benefits Of Momos

What’s Good In Momos?


The first ingredient that we would like to talk about is vegetables that are filled with nutritional benefits. Many people do not like to eat veggies. Hence, they always look for recipes through which they can get both the taste as well as the health benefits. The addition of veggies in momos makes it super healthy. It involves ingredients like carrot, cabbage, onion, and much more. 


The next ingredient that is added in all kinds of momos to add a little bit of spice is chilies. They contain vitamin C and protect the body from the effects of harmful radicals and also prevent stress. Chilies also contain high fiber which helps in controlling blood sugar levels and are also high in iron. After seeing so many benefits, do you feel when momos have an ingredient like chilies, it can be unhealthy? 


Ginger is probably one of the healthiest spices and has several health benefits. It is an effective cure for congestion, cold, and cough. It helps in digestion and also relieves constipation. Ginger can also decrease cholesterol levels and reduce symptoms of nausea. They have so many health benefits that every expert momo maker adds them to their momos to enhance the taste. It provides the customers with some health benefits. 


Garlic has proven to have some enormous health benefits that cannot be ignored. It reduces cholesterol levels and also aids in lowering blood pressure. Garlic is also considered to be great for the heart and circulatory system and has an antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral function. Garlic also helps in relieving the common colds and many other viral infections. It is also a great element to boost your immune system and is a top antiviral food. So all these benefits are undeniably important and need to be considered before judging the delicious momos. 


The last ingredient is a great source of protein that is a must for our body and also helps in weight loss. It is none other than meat that is added to the delicious momos along with some spices to make it more tasty and healthy. 

Is Eating Momos Good For Health

Is The Addition of MSG and Maida In Momos Unhealthy?

One of the ingredients that are believed to be added in momos is MSG which is considered to be quite harmful. Well, we do not deny it ourselves or argue about the same. Some of the street shops or stalls where the health of the consumers is compromised add MSG to their dishes. But some of the famous stalls working in the area for a long time or big restaurants ensure that they create their food without the addition of this element. All you have to do is find the right restaurant that serves the best quality momos or rather just make it yourself at home. 

Another ingredient that is equally maligned is maida flour. Well, we are again not going to argue on the same and rather give you solutions for it. Imagine the size of a momo and then imagine the addition of maida in that one dumpling. It is quite less right! But if you still feel that eating even a little bit of maida can be unhealthy there are various other options available such as wheat flour. One momo made of wheat flour with the addition of veggies or meat or sprouts amounts to almost 20 or 25 calories

Also, several studies have shown that unless you eat these ingredients excessively, you are absolutely safe. Excess consumption of anything can be harmful even if it is good quality fruits. So why do we not lessen the consumption of momos and eat them occasionally rather than calling them unhealthy? And if you see authentic momos are much healthier, hence look for restaurants that serve you authentic cuisine. 

The Bottom Line 

Misconceptions are created every other day but it depends on us whether we want to believe it or not. We hope all your questions have been answered and the nutritional facts are known to you. Enjoy some delicious and hot momos by either preparing them at home or ordering from a restaurant. One such restaurant that is situated in Myanmar and serves the most authentic momos is Delhi Deli Cafe. The entire team of Delhi Deli Cafe ensures that the customers are provided with a variety of momos in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions along with various dips and side beverages. They also provide the best quality service, keeping in mind the health and safety precautions. So enjoy some luscious momos on a lazy Sunday or busy weekdays and have a fun day by giving yourself some comfort food. It will fulfill your craving and nourish the soul. 

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