Is It Healthy To Consume Momos Containing MSG

Is It Healthy To Consume Momos Containing MSG


Momos originate in regions like Nepal, East Asia, Tibet, and Southern Asia and are famous all over the world. Momo also has a wide history and nowadays one would find different versions of the same in different countries. They are soft dumplings that are either steamed or fried. In addition, a newer version of the same consists of grilled or pan-fried momos. Whatever the form or structure is, one will definitely fall in love with it after having a bite of the scrumptious and delectable momos. But a healthy debate that goes on around the world is whether momos are healthy or not. Some state that momos contain MSG which can be quite harmful to the human body. So through this article, we will clear out some of the myths that people have set in their minds. So that they can peacefully enjoy their delicious momos. 

About MSG 

The abbreviation for MSG is monosodium glutamate and it is sodium salt of glutamic acid. They are naturally occurring substances in the body. Almost a century ago, a Japanese scientist found a way of extracting glutamates from seaweed. The substance contained concentrated umami flavor and was capable of making all food taste meatier once it was added. 

The commercial production of MSG began by the Ajinomoto company and continued by other companies all over the world. There is a popular belief which states that eating MSG causes headaches and other feelings of discomfort. This is popularly known as the Chinese restaurant syndrome. However, studies show that no such effects are found when MSG is combined with normal concentrations. In addition, when the ingredients are added to broths or stews the effect of the same reduces at a high level. 

Pure-Form of MSG

An interesting fact is that tomatoes and cheese naturally have MSG in them, so can one stop eating them, or do people ban it? However, the tomato has so many nutritious elements that not including it in the recipes would be a loss for us. Cheese is loved by so many individuals that we cannot even think of quitting it just because someone said that MSG consumption is not beneficial to us.

The pure form of MSG is reported to not have a highly pleasant taste and has a savory aroma. It is also said that eating a raw form of MSG can be a bit harmful to the body and may cause headaches, nausea, and more such symptoms. National and international bodies in many countries have stated that MSG is safe to it but in a limited quantity. However, it is not safe in its pure form. So all the fuss about not eating MSG boil down to the point where we can consider eating it. 

MSG in Momos

One such dish where MSG is said to be used is momos. There might be places or local shops where people use an excess amount of MSG to enhance the flavors and increase sales which are not ethical. But it depends on people whether they want to consume it or not. There are so many traditional restaurants that serve momos in the most authentic form without compromising the health of their diners. They serve the dishes in variations by using healthy ingredients that contribute to a healthier body. So it is possible that people who make momos use MSG. However, they can also make them easily without the use of this ingredient or reduce its amount. 

MSG is definitely not an integral element of momos and even without its use, one can make delicious momos. Eating anything excessively, be it momos or fruits, can be quite harmful. Therefore, when people know the limits things become much easier. People eat salads and bread every single day in order to stay fit and healthy. Ironically, when the same ingredients are used in momos they find it unhealthy. So where is the logic in this? 

Is It Healthy To Consume Momos Containing MSG

What Should an Authentic and Traditional Momo Taste Like?

Authentic and traditional momos are the ones that are made keeping in mind the freshness of the ingredients. Their quality is also of high importance. The reason why momos were invented is not because they wanted to harm the human body or cause illness. They have an authentic preparation with the use of fresh veggies or juicy and tender meat along with other spices that are proven to be quite beneficial for the body. 

The combination of all the ingredients makes the momos taste extremely delicious. Hence, that is the reason why so many people love it. There may be some people who are in the momo business just to earn money. Thereby they might be preparing the momos with excessive use of MSG or improper use of flour and use of rotten veggies. However, it is our responsibility to understand the difference between right and wrong and choose only the right. 

The Bottom Line 

Finally, we let you answer the question of whether eating momos with MSG or without MSG would be better. Whatever your choice is, do not ever stop eating momos if you love them just because someone told you that momos are unhealthy without knowing the facts. You should get to decide as to what are the dishes that you like and want to eat. 

You can make healthy momos at home or order from an authentic restaurant. There are various places that serve momos keeping in mind the health of their diners.

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