Baking the Perfect Cake


Is Baking a Cake Making You Frustrated?

Everybody loves a good cake at any time of the day. But it is not a piece of cake for everyone to bake the perfect cake every time. If you are here, it means you have tried time and again but still could not perfect your cake. You followed the recipe to the core, yet something was always missing. Fear not, since we are here to save the day with 6  pro tips that will help any novice become a pro baker in no time.

Steps to Follow While Making a Cake:

What to do and not to do!

This is the question that keeps bothering you. This is the only thing keeping you from getting back to your procrastination of being a contender in the Great British Bake Off. So let’s get our basics right first and recognise our mistakes. 

  • Always measure your ingredients

If you are following a recipe there is always a standard measure mentioned. You absolutely cannot take them lightly. Always make sure to measure them to the tee. If you are serious about baking, consider investing in a weighing scale or use measuring cups and spoons. But never eyeball it. 

Pro tip: While measuring flour in measuring cups never press it down to fill the cup. You will only end up with more quantity than mentioned and a very dense cake.

  • Butter it up 

It may not be worth saving on core ingredients like butter. A perfect cake always has a rich and melt-in-the-mouth feature, which is what makes us devour it non-stop. Butter is the most important aspect of that feature that ensures perfect fluffy, airy and rich delicacy every time. 

Pro-tip: Do not use frozen butter (unless it is for pies) or melted butter. Always use softened butter. It is characterized by it still retaining the structure but soft to touch. 

  • Eggs

Another key ingredient is eggs. They ensure that the cake is airy and fluffy. If you get your eggs right, your cake will never be too dense or too crumbly. Make sure the eggs are always at room temperature when being used. Also, keep in mind that they are beaten enough but not overbeaten. If the eggs start forming bubbles or start to change their colour to white, that means they are getting overbeaten. 

Pro tip: Any recipe that calls for eggs, add them in one by one. Also, add beaten eggs into the batter. Avoid breaking the eggs directly into the batter- that’s a disaster!

  • Baking Soda or Powder

Many novice bakers are susceptible to making the mistake of adding both baking powder and baking soda in all cake recipes. This is completely unnecessary and also gives the cake a soapy flavour. You should add baking soda only to the recipes where there is citrus added in the recipe. For example, chocolate cake, carrot cake, grapefruit cakes. Or else, just stick with good old baking powder

This is a pro tip in itself so no side note. 😀

  • Line your cakes

To get the professional and geometric look for your cakes, make sure you are lining your trays or pans. Brush melted butter at the base of the pan to help the parchment paper stick to the base. 

Pro tip: Butter paper and parchment paper are not the same things. Butter paper is not heat resistant and does not hold its shape in the oven. You should use parchment paper only. It can also be easily removed. 

  • Make sure you are using the right ingredients

We have seen this mistake made more often than you think it is made- The ingredients are to be used as directed. You cannot replace the plain flour with oat flour because you are on a diet (facepalm). Refer to a recipe using that particular flour. You should not add chocolate shavings to replace cocoa powder. Recipes exist because it is a fail-proof way to make that particular cake. If substitutes are available, they are usually mentioned in the recipe itself. So taking decisions into your own hands only results in your frustration and reading such articles online. 

  • Never rest your batter

Another disastrous mistake usually done by novice bakers is they rest the batter. A cake is not a pizza. It needs to fluff up in the oven, not under a wet blanket. This only results in the baking soda and baking powder used losing their rising ability. This may be the reason why you keep getting a flat cake. 

This is yet again a pro tip in itself.

  • Always preheat your oven. Always. 

Never directly put the baking tray or pan in there, your cake will come out looking like the surface of the moon. I warned you! 

Pro tip: The time mentioned in any recipe required for the batter to be in the oven is indicative. It may take you a bit longer or less time to get the desired result. So always keep an eye.

  • Bonus pro tip: Opening the oven door repeatedly will only result in uneven baking of the cake.

You are only a few more failed burnt cakes away from achieving your dream of becoming a pro baker.

Feeling Better?

I am sure you have at least found out one mistake you have been making. Though the list is concise but not exhaustive. So, if you are still looking for the answer you now know the mistakes you need to avoid along with some cool pro tips.

Stay positive and keep trying. It is not rocket science and you will figure it out. It takes experience and a lot of failed baking batches till you get the perfect one.

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