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  • Cheesy Chicken Balls in Non Veg Bites

    Cheesy Chicken Balls

    Fried balls with shredded chicken pieces and melted cheese.
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  • Chicken Lollipop in Non Veg Bites

    Chicken Lollipop

    Highly seasoned and deep fried Chicken winglets served with Schezwan sauce
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  • Chicken Kathi Roll in Non Veg Bites

    Chicken Kathi Roll

    Slightly spiced shredded chicken with capsicum and carrots, rolled in Indian bread and pan seared.
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  • Chicken Steamed Momo Non Veg Bites

    Chicken Steamed Momo

    Steamed dumpling stuffed with minced chicken, served with a spicy sauce.
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  • Chicken Tikka

    Chicken Tikka

    Chicken cubes tandoor grilled, spiced with yogurt and Indian spices
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  • Chili Chicken in Non Veg Bites

    Chili Chicken

    Boneless chicken pan fried with a burst of Chinese sauces, capsicum and green chilies
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  • Egg Roll in Non Veg Bites

    Egg Roll

    Kolkata style roll with capsicum, carrot and egg wrapped in paratha.
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  • Fish Tikka in Non Veg Bites

    Fish Tikka

    Boneless fish cubes marinated with spices, grilled in tandoor.
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  • Keema Pav in Non Veg Bites

    Keema Pav

    Minced mutton cooked in Irani style served with Soft Indian bread.
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  • Mutton Aloo Roll in Non Veg Bites

    Mutton Aloo Roll

    Succulent mutton paired with potato and wrapped in parantha.
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