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Safe Keto Indian Dishes That You Didn’t Know Were Keto


In today’s busy lifestyle, one thing that is quite important is to maintain good health and diet. Various dieticians suggest different types of diet routines that range from a low-carb diet to a sugar-free diet to a plant-based diet. One of the popular ones is the keto diet. 

A Ketogenic diet consists of a high-fat diet with adequate protein and a low amount of carbs. Through this diet, one can lose weight easily or maintain a healthy and fit body. When it comes to any form of diet, people generally rely on salads and soups. And they complain if the diet breaks by eating other junk food. To avoid this, one can enjoy tasty dishes that can come under the ketogenic list and follow it particularly. 

We have listed out some of the healthy and tasty Indian food dishes that are apt for a keto diet. So let’s engage ourselves by creating a good food list and follow it later on.

Butter Chicken

We know you might be shocked that butter chicken can be included in a keto diet list. However, there is no harm in eating it in reality. Butter chicken is a high protein dish due to the involvement of chicken and butter. Both of them are supposed to be high in fat. The other spices and herbs add the taste to the dish with fresh coriander leaves that are considered to be quite nutritious. One can enjoy the dish with cauliflower rice or quinoa or almond flour rotis. They can be treated as a substitute for naan or rice. 

Bhindi Masala

The next dish would be found in every Indian household and is considered to be comfort food. It is none other than the delicious and tasty bhindi masala. Okra or bhindi is a green vegetable that is high in protein. In addition, it provides other fibers and minerals as well. It is stuffed with some spices that are available locally and then sauteed with some onion and chilies. The dish is garnished with some fresh coriander leaves and can be served with almond flour roti or cauliflower rice.  

Paneer Makhini

Cottage cheese or paneer is an ingredient that is quite high in protein and fats. A popular dish made with this ingredient is paneer makhani. It is a gravy-based dish made with tomato, onion, garlic, and ginger as the base ingredients. Then, it is mixed with different Indian spices and paneer. It is garnished with some fresh cream, coriander leaves, and a pinch of garam masala. Finally, it is served with spinach roti, cheese and cauliflower rice. 

Keto Indian Dishes

Tandoori Fish Tikka

Indian restaurants generally serve different kinds of appetizers or starters and one of them consists of tandoori fish tikka. It is made of boneless fish that is marinated in a hodgepodge of spices. Once the marination is complete, the pieces are inserted in a skewer and placed in a tandoor which is a kind of Indian oven. Once the fish is cooked nicely it is served with some green chutney. This dish is quite high in protein and is delicious. The fish can also be substituted with chicken or cottage cheese. It involves less oil as it is grilled in the oven. 

Gobhi Pakora

The next dish is a popular evening snack served in the Indian subcontinent and other countries as well. Gobi or cauliflower is a great ingredient for the keto diet. In addition, we have already seen the number of times cauliflower rice is served with Indian dishes. But to make things tastier we have got the gobi pakoras or cauliflower fritters which is basically cauliflower coated in a gram flour batter and mixed with different spices and fried in hot oil. One can also use air fryers to avoid the use of oil and serve it with some mint and coriander chutney. 

Sarson ka Saag

A popular north Indian dish served in the entire Indian subcontinent is Sarson ka saag which is basically green mustard cooked with some spices and herbs. People generally like to eat it with makki ki roti or corn flour roti. However, for a ketogenic diet, one can eat it with coconut flour or almond flour rotis or with cauliflower rice or quinoa. The dish is rich in fibers, vitamins, and proteins which makes it an excellent addition to the Indian keto list. 


To end the keto diet list, we have got you a beverage that is better if you drink sodas or cold drinks to digest your meal. It is a healthier version and known as buttermilk or chaas. The primary ingredient in buttermilk is yogurt which is pretty high in protein and a great ingredient for digesting food. The yogurt is mixed with spices like black salt, cumin powder, and elements like green chilies, coriander, mint leaves, etc. Then, it is churned nicely using a grinder or manual churner and served cold with some chaat masala on top. Buttermilk is a great option for hydration during summers and keeps the body cool for a long time. 

The bottom line 

Unless the food is not tasty, we would not enjoy any dishes. Hence, one should always look out for tasty but healthy recipes. One such list is the Indian food list that we have mentioned above. Hope you get inspiration from these dishes to start your diet from today itself. 

You can either make these recipes at home by looking for the recipes on the internet or start by simply ordering from an Indian restaurant that serves authentic Indian dishes while keeping the health parameter in mind. One that has bad reviews may not be considered an ideal restaurant. 

A restaurant that ideally works according to this is Delhi Deli Cafe which is an Indian restaurant that serves traditional Indian food in different variations. They provide all forms of dishes and prepare them according to the diner’s preference. Their hospitality is exquisite and makes them stand out. The restaurant also ensures that the safety precautions are adopted within the premises and the diners are served with the best quality food and provided the best services.

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