The Best Recipe For Making Variant Cocoa Powder Brownies 1.1

The Best Recipe For Making Variant Cocoa Powder Brownies


Most people or even professionals go with melted dark chocolate or choco-chips. When the concern is about making a brownie. Making a brownie with cocoa powder can amaze such people. One has to no longer depend on melted dark chocolate and butter for making their fudgy brownies. What’s more pivotal is the cocoa powder brownies contain 144 calories. While the brownies with choco-chips, melted chocolate, and butter are 356 calories. 

We have tested the cocoa powder brownies multiple times, and hence we assure the recipe to be full-proof. We also add a small amount of oil to the brownies to provide a smooth texture while baking.

The key-ingredients necessary for making cocoa powder brownies

The first step is to add melted butter to a bowl being used for the preparation of batter for cocoa powder brownies. The next step is to add sugar to the mixture based on the taste preference of the baker. Hence mixing the batter well until the sugar dissolves entirely with butter.

One can add an egg to the batter which can provide a crackling top with the brownies. After the addition of eggs, it is now the time to add some flour and cocoa powder to the batter and mix it well. 

Once the batter is ready for baking, one can bake them for 20-30 minutes. Over baking can spoil the texture and crackling top of the brownie. Over-baking of the brownie can also result in spoiling the fudging nature. It is even better to bake the brownies on the top shelf of the oven. As middle and lower shelves contain excess heat which can dry out the brownie.

The Best Recipe For Making Variant Cocoa Powder Brownies 1.2

Exact quantities of ingredients for making cocoa powder brownies

Apart from mentioning the ingredients, it is also essential for a baker to neutralize chocolate brownies powered by cocoa powder and other ingredients with exact quantities. Use ½ cup of unsalted butter along with 1 tbsp oil (refined, coconut, or olive oil) and 1 & ½ cup sugar. Two-three large eggs along with 2 tbsp vanilla extract and ½ cup flour. At the last one can add ½ cup cocoa powder and 1/2-1/4 salt based on taste preference.

Tips and tricks to follow while baking cocoa powder brownies

  • The manufacturing of the best cocoa powder brownies depends on the accuracy of mixing of ingredients. Hence it is paramount to whisk sugar and butter well together.
  • People who want a crackled top for brownie must beat their egg well.
  • Complete all your vital beating before the addition of cocoa powder and flour. Avoid over-beating after the addition of the ingredients mentioned above. By preventing over-beating after addition of flour and cocoa powder. One can inculcate a cake with air-drops making the texture of brownie smoother.
  • Do not bake brownies for more than 30 minutes and also check the oven at fifteen-minute intervals.
  • Try to keep brownies away from the hottest part of the oven to avoid overheating resulting in damage of fudging texture. 

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