Top 10 Best Street Indian Food


India is a huge country with many states and cities that consist of various streets. These streets see a large number of people traveling from one place to another with their friends and family. The street has many shops that include clothes, shoes, bags, and most importantly food stalls. The wide variety of dishes that the stall owners sell is unbelievable. Right from North, south, east, and west, these food stalls consist of all types of cuisine. They are spicy, sweet, aromatic, and filled with flavors. 

In the covid situation visiting these stalls would be impossible but that does not mean we cannot enjoy the dishes at all. That is why we have bought some drool-worthy recipes and listed out the top 10 best Indian street food. So, without further ado let us get onto the journey of Indian food. 

Kathi rolls

Bored of eating roti sabzi every single day? We bring street food that gives a twist to the normal roti and veggies known as Kathi rolls. The tortilla or roti is made using some plain or wheat flour and kneaded into a dough. It is then rolled into a roti and filled with veggies or meat according to the person’s preference and served with a spicy chutney. 

Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is another famous Indian street food mostly served in the North Indian region. It is a potato cutlet made from potatoes, chilies, ginger, garlic, and a few other spices and then deep-fried in hot oil. The Tikkis are then topped with 2 types of chutney, yogurt, sev, and some fresh coriander. The ingredients are also easily available in local markets or shops. 

Misal pav

This spicy Maharashtrian dish will definitely bring a punch of flavors to your taste buds. It is none other than the famous misal pav. The misal or spicy curry is made of pulses, tomato, onion, a lot of chilies, and other spices. It is served with pav or bun and garnished with some misal chivda and fresh coriander. One can reduce the spice level by adding less chili powder and for spice lovers just enjoy!

Jhal muri

We thought of adding a no-cooking dish to the list for a lazy Sunday snack. It is a dish widely popular in the Indian subcontinent and is most commonly known as jhal muri. The preparation is quite easy and requires a few ingredients like puffed rice, onion, tomato, chili, sev, lemon, and a fresh handful of coriander leaves. Make the most out of your holiday with this tasty yet healthy Indian street food. 


Eating momos on a busy day can be a fun experience and when the recipe is super easy it’s just like the best thing ever. Momos are a famous Northeastern dish made from plain flour as the outer cover and filled with veggies or meat of any choice. The momos are then steamed and served with a spicy dip and trust it is the best duo ever!

Pav bhaji

Kids are definitely going to love this Indian street food. Because it is mouth-watering and delicious pav bhaji. The bhaji is a vegetable gravy made from different veggies and mixed with spices and loads of butter. The pav is also heated with some butter and served hot along with condiments like onion and lemon. 

Pani puri

Crispy mouth-watering balls of heaven filled with water that tastes like honeydew are all one would want on a sad or dull day. Pani puri is a popular Indian street food that one can find in almost every lane of the country. The crispy balls and the sweet and spicy water makes a perfect pani puri which is loved by everyone. It is not just popular in India but also widely consumed all over the world. 


Imagine having a cold and sweet kulfi on a hot summer day, sounds like the best plan right! Believe us the recipe is so easy that anyone can easily make it at home and enjoy the delicious cold dessert after their meal. The main ingredients consist of milk and sugar which is boiled until it forms a thick consistency. It is then topped with some nuts, cardamom, and saffron and poured into a cone-shaped container. One can also pour it in a glass if the containers are not available. Finally, let it freeze, and then enjoy!

Chole bhature

Craving for some soulful food that satisfies your tummy? We have got you the best combination of the spicy chole and the hot bhature. If you have ever visited the Northern region, you might already know that it is popular Indian street food and has a huge amount of food stalls serving the authentic and delicious chole bhature. The recipe is pretty easy and can be searched on the internet. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the delicious chole bhature with some chilled lassi and get into a food coma. 


The last dish is a popular Indian street food called dabeli which originates from Kutch, Gujarat. It consists of a fresh hot pav filled with potato, onion, chilies, spices, and the very special dabeli powder. Dabeli is garnished with some fresh and sweet pomegranate, coriander,  sev, and peanuts. It is a sweet and spicy dish so you do not have to worry about the spice level. 

The bottom line

We are definitely sure that you are tempted just after reading about the dishes. So why wait, just start getting all the ingredients together and prepare at least one of this Indian street food. If you are just not in the mood to cook, do not worry as we have also found the right restaurant for you so that you don’t have to worry about searching for the right place. It is an Indian restaurant known as Coriander Leaf and it provides the most authentic and traditional food. The restaurant never compromises on safety and ensures that all their diners get the best service and the best food. 

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