Top 5 Baked Goods From Around The World 1.1

Top 5 Baked Goods From Around The World

Baked goods and their mouth-watering flavors from all across the globe

Baked goods or food items like cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and a lot more delicacies are a favorite treat from pets to kids. Whether it is a weekend or a special occasion, cakes are what we all desire. We have brought a complete list of some of the best-baked goods from around the world.

Due to the current pandemic situation, it is not safe to travel and explore diverse destinations. People who love to try new and tasty baked items can join our virtual world tour of Top five baked goods from around the world.

1. Yorkshire pudding from the UK

Well, Yorkshire pudding is similar to other baked items though it isn’t as sweet as you like. One can enjoy it with mashed potatoes or onion and garlic gravy for the best taste. It is not a dessert but what’s more important is it baked.

2. What about "moon-cake" from China?

China has always given the world something new to taste from exciting tea to a mouth-watering moon cake. People who are visiting China at mid-fall can enjoy a moon cake that is specially made to celebrate the full moon. 

Moon-cakes stuffing consists of a paste made from lotus seeds or a red bean stamped with the baker’s authenticity. A common point in all mooncakes is that they contain the stamp of Mandarin character which symbolizes harmony in China.

Top 5 Baked Goods From Around The World 1.2

3. Apple pie- America

Apple-pie from America is one of the famous deserts which one can have all across the world. The origin of apple pie belongs to Europe, but it is fascinated more in America than Europe. 

One can have an apple pie with vanilla ice cream topped with caramel. One can also try out experiments like whipped cream and cheese. The uniqueness of apple pie makes it one of the famous stars of baked goods from around the world.

4. Coconut Lamingtons, Australia

Despite kangaroos and vast flora and fauna, Australia is also famous for one of its favorite desserts, “lamingtons”. Today, one can have lamington all across the globe but still eating them during Australian summer is pleasing. 

Lamingtons contain a soft sponge cake that is dipped in chocolate and garnished later with coconut. Lamington is one of the favorite dishes which no one can stay away from. The best time to have it is on a hot, warm day to beat the heat.

5. Melkert, Africa

Melktert or Milk tart is one of the favorite desserts for all the people having it. Most of the people who have tried this describe it as a time-machine which takes them into their childhood.

Melkterts contain a buttery pastry with creamy custard filling which can be the best option for a treat for guests. 

We all love to travel and enjoy new foods and culture as most of the food love to compare it with a cake which means you fetch what you bake. Also, Try out these mouth-watering baked goods from around the world this weekend. For more information, you can reach out to Delhi Deli Cafe.

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