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Top 7 South Indian Food Dishes


Food is one thing that we cannot live without. And if the food is tasty, that’s the cherry on the top. One such delicious cuisine is the South Indian cuisine originating from the Indian subcontinent. They are not only popular in India but also in other parts of the world. The culture consists of some authentic ingredients that are used in everyday south Indian meals.

The cuisine consists of 2 major ingredients that include coconut and mustard seeds. The south Indian food dishes have a wide variety. There are more than 500 dishes that a person can try out. But we understand that eating all of them would not be a good option for beginners. So we thought of mentioning our top 7 South Indian food dishes that are easily available in any Indian restaurant or can be cooked at home. So let’s get into the article without wasting your time. 

Idli Sambar

The first dish is an authentic south Indian dish that is consumed in a great quantity in the southern region. It is none other than the delicious and soft idlis with the sweet and spicy sambar. The idlis are made using rice flour and urad dal batter and steamed in an idli pan until it is cooked properly. The sambar on the other hand is a curry that is made from a wide number of veggies, curry leaves, and spices. The main spice is the sambar powder that gives taste and flavor to the dish. The food is then served with some coconut chutney and garnished with fresh coriander leaves. It is one of the best south Indian food dishes that one can have as their breakfast. 

Medu Vada

The next one on the menu is medu vada which resembles the shape of a donut but is nowhere even close to the donuts. It is a savory dish made from rice flour and urad dal, formed into ring shapes and deep-fried in hot oil. Medu vada is a classic food item served with sambar and coconut chutney and consumed as a breakfast meal. So enjoy some crispy medu vadas with a soft inside and have a great day ahead!


We all love snacking and we will never be satisfied even with 100s of snack dishes. So here is another dish that is consumed as a snack in the southern part of India known as murukkus. It is a savory and crunchy snack made from rice and urad dal flour. The flour is kneaded into a dough and mixed with salt, water, chili powder, asafoetida, and other herbs to add the flavor of murukkus. It is then shaped into spiral shapes with the help of a mold and fried in hot oil. Murukku is also prepared in the state of Maharashtra and is called chaklis. So enjoy a great evening snack of murukku with some hot tea or coffee and relax!

Unni Appam 

After some savory snacks, let us now talk about a sweet snack. Unni appam can be consumed as an evening snack and it has a lot of healthy ingredients which makes it a great option after a busy day. Unni appam or karollappam is a small ball shaped snack made from rice, jaggery, coconut, banana, sesame seeds, clarified butter, and cardamom that enhances the flavor of the dish. It is then steamed on an appam pan until cooked properly. Unni appam is one of the healthiest south Indian food dishes one can have. 

South Indian Food


Dosas are crispy circle shaped dosas that are made from rice and urad flour mixed with water and salt. The batter is then poured on a hot pan and cooked until it is crispy. The crispy dosas are then served with some delicious sambar and coconut chutney. People also like eating the dosas with their vegetable or meat curries and the combination is absolutely perfect. 

Who would not enjoy a crispy round shaped dosa with some sambar and chutney? The answer would be definitely none. We believe dosas can brighten a dull day just with the crispiness of it. So, why not have it as a meal to already brighten the day. 


Bored of only reading about sambar in the curry option. Do not worry as we have got you another authentic curry dish called rasam. Rasam or charu pani is a spicy, sweet, and sour stock prepared using kokum, tamarind as the base and mixed with other ingredients like jaggery, tomato, garlic, and a hodgepodge of Indian spices. It is garnished with some fresh coriander and served with some hot rice or on its own. Rasam is also very good for health and is a great dish to serve when someone has a cold or flu or wants to shed some weight. Enjoy the authentic rasam on a tiresome day and give your body and mind some comfort. 


We had to end the list with a sweet dish and what is better than a good bowl of Pongal. It is a rice dish mixed with boiled milk and sugar, clarified butter, coconut, and a few other elements. Pongal is generally consumed during the festival of Pongal and is also served on special occasions. The dish is available in a lot of varieties that include Chakkarai Pongal, Venn Pongal, Milagu Pongal, and Puli Pongal. It is one of the best South Indian food dishes. 

The bottom Line 

All of the south Indian food dishes that we have mentioned do not compromise on health and fitness. One can cook it on their own or order it from an Indian restaurant. A restaurant that serves the most authentic dishes with the best quality and services is Delhi Deli Café. So you can consider ordering the food from the restaurant. They have the best hospitality and amazingly delicious cuisines. They assure you the best quality food keeping in mind the current conditions like the covid-19. 

South Indian food dishes are no doubt the best cuisine and you will definitely love & enjoy it. 

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