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Top Essential And Basic Spices For Indian Cooking


Indian cuisine is known for its various blends of spices that are added to every single dish. It has an aromatic smell that attracts anyone towards the dishes. The spices add an extra flavor to the dish that can otherwise be bland or tasteless. One can not just use it for culinary purposes but can also consume it as a cure for various illnesses. These spices have a long history and have been used for more than thousand years. Indian spices are not just popular in the Indian subcontinent but also in every single part of the world. 

One who wants to master the Indian recipes will have to first understand the spices that are associated with it. In this article, we will be mentioning the most popular spices that are a part of every Indian dish and are found in almost every Indian household. So refresh your mind and experience some aromatic flavors of Indian spices with this article. 


The first spice that is used in curries, rice, beverages, and almost all Indian dishes is cardamom. It is also known as elaichi. One can say, it is a green pod that consists of black seeds in it. It has a sweet and strong flavor and is also quite beneficial. Cardamom is used in tea, Indian curries, biryani, and more such recipes to enhance the flavor of the dish. If you eat cardamom everyday, all your gastrointestinal issues may be reduced. 


The next spice that is again found in almost all the Indian dishes is ginger. It is a spice that is loaded with antioxidants and is antiviral. Ginger can be added in curries, rice recipes, and beverages like tea to enhance the flavor and taste. A strange dish made of this ingredient is adrak ka halwa which is a sweet dish. Now you might be confused that a spice with such a strong flavor can never be transformed into a dessert. But the Indian subcontinent always does something unusual. They add various other ingredients so that the overpowering flavor of ginger is reduced and a sweet dish is ready to be devoured. 

Black Pepper 

Black pepper also known as peppercorns are small black seeds that have a spicy and strong flavor and just 2 or 3 pods are more than enough for any Indian dish. They are added in Indian curries like rogan josh, paneer masala, and also a part of rice dishes like biryani. Apart from this, black pepper has various health benefits like reduction of cholesterol levels. In addition, it leads to the improvement in blood sugar as well as digestion problems. It is anti-inflammatory and a versatile spice. 

Spices of India


We all get christmassy vibes from cinnamon but this spice is not just used during winters. In fact in many regions of the world like the Indian subcontinent, cinnamon is an everyday spice included in a number of Indian recipes. It has a sweet aroma and just 1 inch of the stick is enough to increase the flavor of Indian dishes like curries and rice. They are also added in desserts like rice pudding at times to give a sweet flavor to the dish. Cinnamon also has various health benefits that are similar to black pepper or ginger. 

Mustard Seeds

The next ingredient is used as a tempering or tadka in many Indian dishes and are either added in the beginning of the recipe or in the end. It is also known as rai and consists of tiny black seeds. You may find this in dal recipes or south Indian recipes like sambar and coconut chutney. Mustard seeds are almost like a main ingredient in south Indian dishes and are included in the recipe lists. They are also easily available in local markets and are quite inexpensive. 


The next ingredient is something that has culinary, health, and skin benefits. Let’s start with the culinary purposes. Do you see a yellowish color in Indian dishes? It is because of this magical ingredient that gives a vibrant color to Indian recipes. Apart from this it also has various health benefits and is a good cure for digestion, cold, or cough.

Indian marriages have a ritual known as the haldi day where the bride and groom are lathered with turmeric paste for their big day. Also, many skin experts suggest that applying turmeric along with other ingredients can give people a glowing and healthy skin. 

Fennel Seeds

The last ingredient is not just used in cooking but can be had on its own due to its refreshing flavor and sweet taste. It is none other than the green fennel seeds also known as saunph. Fennel seeds are added in many Indian dishes and beverages and are also consumed at the end of every meal as it is considered to be very good for digestion. It also helps one to avoid bad breath and has various other health benefits. 

The bottom Line 

All the above-mentioned spices are not all because if we have to add the rest of them, the list would be never ending. Hence, we have covered some of the most popular and regularly used spices. These spices are a must and if any restaurant does not prepare their dishes with the help of these spices, trust us you are going to the wrong restaurant to try Indian cuisine. So either cook for yourself or go to an Indian restaurant that serves authentic and traditional Indian cuisine. For beginners, we may recommend you to order or try Indian food from a restaurant or that is prepared by an experienced cook. This way you will be able to taste Indian food in the best manner. 

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