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Unicorn Cake – Classic Way To Say I Care


We all care for our loved ones. There exists some ways by which one can express his or her love and affection for them. One such way is unicorn cake. It’s a bit different, but it is a very special way to express yourself.

Why Unicorn Cake?

In order to express the way you feel for someone, you need to think of some out of the box ideas. Out of the box ideas make the moment more special and memorable. A unicorn cake is designed for such moments.

The reason behind this is that the unicorn symbolizes purity and power. Hence coming up with a unicorn cake also symbolizes  the purity of the relationship or the bond that you share with the person.

How cool and amazing this is! Such a virtuous way to express yourself. 

How did it all start?

Well unicorn cake didn’t just appear from somewhere else. This beautiful yet powerful cake was first prepared by a Canadian cake decorator named Jenna Hutchinson in 2016. This cake was made on the request of a customer for his daughter. So this is how our very own unicorn cake debuted.

More About Unicorn

Lets dive more deeply and understand what exactly a unicorn is. Unicorn is a mythical creature that has one spiraling horn on its forehead. Even today, it is a popular character. It is used to describe rarity and purity. Nobody has ever seen a unicorn. Its existence has never been proved by scientists. But still one can find the reference of a unicorn even in the holy book Bible.

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Unicorn Cake

The unicorn creature has filled the minds of people with lots and lots of amazement and confusion too. Some people are of the belief that unicorns never existed while, some think exactly opposite of this. 

But let’s not argue on its existence. One thing we all know is that unicorn cakes do exist. These cakes are very special and are very delicious too. It is a 6 layered cake and can be customized as per your requirements. It is upto you how many layers you need.

Most of these cakes comes in strawberry flavor. But again, these are tailor made and can be changed as per your requirements.

Yummy But Complex

However it is a bit difficult to make a unicorn cake at home, as it has many layers. It is slightly difficult for a beginner to prepare it at home. Many ingredients are needed to make it perfect. One needs to be an expert while making this cake.

Favorite Among Children

Among children, unicorn cake is very famous. So the reason behind this popularity is, it is very attractive and colorful. Hence for children specially it is prepared with the rainbow variant, that makes it a 6 layered cake. Children are also pure like this cake only. 

So if you are looking for something unique and special go ahead with this beautiful unicorn cake and see how other people go gaga over it. Delhi Deli Cafe will guide you further more.

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