Which Indian food is good for weight loss

There are numerous myths and beliefs regarding weight loss. Salads are considered the only healthy option for a diet.  Indian food is often accused of being extremely oily and spicy and that it can only make you gain weight. Most of it is false. You don’t just need salads and cereals to lose weight. You don’t need to starve yourselves. But you can have multiple other varieties of superfoods to relish weight loss, that too, Indian foods. The only thing to keep in mind is eating right. Incorporating healthy habits, choosing the right food, and eating mindfully will do wonders regarding weight loss. 

Indian food for weight loss

As opposed to popular beliefs, there is a wide variety of alternatives to Indian food to lose weight. A lot of typical weight loss food is often expensive and goes out of budget. The list of Indian options given below will not burn a hole in your pocket and you can also easily find them in your own houses or in nearby grocery stores.


Chickpeas or chana help you maintain a healthy BMI. They are immensely full of fiber and protein. A study revealed that having chickpeas daily aids in 25% weight loss growth.


Daliya is a very healthy substitute for smoothie bowls and cereals for breakfast. It reduces your binge eating and is also filled with proteins and fiber.

Tomato juice

Tomatoes have a very high percentage of water and fiber. Apart from being a great fruit in salad, its juice can also be very beneficial. A study in China found that two women who drank tomato juice every day saw a decrease in their weight loss.

Moong Dal

It is a very popular lentil in India and almost every household is aware of it. Various dishes are made out of it which can help you manage your diet and lose weight. 


This green vegetable is super filling and healthy. It is versatile and is added in so many things including salads, soups, dal etc. Just one cup full of spinach leaves consists only of 10 calories. It is also enriched with numerous vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium etc.

Sweet potatoes

They contain a high amount of fiber and water. They are very low in calories and can be taken up in your regular diet for weight loss.


Dahi, curd or yogurt contain beneficial bacteria and are really good for your digestive system. It helps manage belly fat.

Pistas, almonds and walnuts

These nuts and dry fruits are really low in calories. They have added advantages of being healthy and are an excellent alternative for snacking and munching. 

Tamarind/ Imli

Imlis have very few calories and lots of benefits. They are great immunity boosters, have high fiber content and also boost the metabolism. It also reduces the craving for unhealthy carbohydrates.

The above list can go on and on, that is how favorable Indian foods can be. The main motive during the weight loss journey is making a calorie deficit. It’s easily manageable with the things in your normal Indian kitchen so you don’t have to worry about trying out new foods which might not easily be available too. For more information related to food, you can reach out to Delhi Deli Café.

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