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Which Is The Best Indian Vegetarian Food


We all love food in general and one thing that binds all the countries together is food. Every region has its own specialty which are devoured by the citizens as well as the tourists visiting the country. One such cuisine is the Indian cuisine that is widely popular around the globe. It is known for its variety of species and herbs used in many dishes. The cuisine is generally divided into three categories that include- vegetarian food, non-vegetarian food, and vegan food. People love eating non-vegetarian dishes and feel that there is no variety available in the other categories. But that is not true, and to prove it right, we will be mentioning some of the tastiest and mouth-watering Indian vegetarian food that you will love and relish. Let’s dive into the article to learn more.


The first dish is popular North Indian vegetarian cuisine known as samosa. It is a triangle shaped evening snack made of plain or wheat flour pastry as the outer covering and filled with a potato stuffing that is made of potato as the primary ingredient along with chilies, peas, ginger, and some other spices with a bunch of fresh coriander leaves. It is then deep-fried in hot oil and served with two kinds of chutneys. One of them is made of tamarind and jaggery and the other one is made of mint and chilies. Nowadays you would also find a lot of versions of samosa that consist of paneer samosa, Chinese samosa, etc. 

Dal Fry

What is that one thing that you would always find in your kitchen? We don’t know about your answer but one ingredient that is found in every Indian household is dal or lentils. People make a number of dishes out of these lentils. One of the famous ones is dal fry which is a soup or curry based dish made of pigeon pea. The dal is cooked until it turns soft and cooked with some onion, chilies, and tomato. It is then pan-fried in hot oil to give it a smoky taste. It is served along with some naan, roti, or rice. One can also use lentils in other dishes like dal khichdi, dal tadka, dal bati , and many more. 

Best Indian Vegetarian food

Kadai Paneer 

A lot of Indian restaurants have paneer dishes listed out separately due to the large variations and curries available in this range. One such popular dish is kadai paneer and kadai means pan or pot. It is a thick gravy based recipe consisting of tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, as the gravy elements. To this, some fried veggies like capsicum, onion, and paneer are added along with a hodgepodge of Indian spices. On top of this, a thick cream is added as a garnishing accompanying fresh coriander leaves. One can enjoy this dish with some naan along with jeera or plain steamed rice. You can also have it with some side dishes like pickle, papad, or salad. 


Tired of eating white and brown bread every single day? We present to you a tasty Indian flatbread known as naan. It is basically an oval or round shaped flatbread made of plain flour or wheat flour. It is rolled out in an oval or circular shape and garnished with black nigel seeds, garlic, and coriander. The naan is placed in a hot tandoor (Indian oven) and allowed to cook for a while. The last thing is to top it off with butter and serve it with any curry of the eater’s choice. For starters you may use some of our recommendations mentioned above. 


Imagine a rainy day with some hot pakoras on one side and masala tea on the other and you get to peacefully enjoy the day. Sounds perfect right! Let’s make it real by making or ordering some pakora also known as spicy fritters which are made using gram flour as the primary ingredient. It is mixed in water with other elements like chilies, onion, and spices and herbs. They are given irregular shapes and fried in oil until the pakoras are brown and crispy. One can enjoy it with some green chutney or tomato sauce according to their preference. 

Pav Bhaji 

The next dish is quite famous in the entire Indian subcontinent. It is an extremely delicious pav bhaji. The pav is a kind of bun that is served along with the bhaji. And the bhaji is a mixture of veggies like potato, tomato, capsicum, onion, and spices that includes the famous pav bhaji masala. It is garnished with a dollop of butter and fresh coriander leaves with a squeeze of lemon juice. 

Idli Sambar

The keep going thing on the rundown is some scrumptious idli sambar which is a well known south Indian dish. It is particularly served across the Indian subcontinent. The recipe can be effortlessly found on the internet.

The bottom line 

In conclusion, we have so many dishes in the vegetarian category that anyone who wants to go for vegetarianism could do it easily. All these dishes are pretty simple in terms of preparation and require less ingredients. They are also available in local markets at inexpensive prices. So anyone who wants to cook these dishes can look out for a video or tutorial of the recipe. The rich culture can be brought to your home as well, if you order from a restaurant. 

Hence, if you are someone who is not into cooking or unfamiliar with the kitchen stuff, you can also opt for an Indian restaurant. For someone who lives out of India may have some difficulty in finding Indian restaurants in different regions as they are not much in number. Don’t worry as we have got you the perfect Indian restaurant that serves the most authentic dishes in Singapore. It is none other than the Delhi Deli restaurant that provides a perfect dining experience to its diners while also entertaining them with karaoke nights. They also ensure health and safety precautions and give home delivery service for their diners. 

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