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Why Are Dietary Changes Required with Braces?


When someone gets braces they have to make some changes in their eating habits. There are some foods that can’t be eaten when you have braces but your doctor will provide you with a list of foods that you can have. While some types of food should be avoided completely, there are others that are good to eat with a little extra effort. Only the crumbly fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and pears should be avoided but you can have them by cutting them into smaller pieces. Sticky lollies like caramel, nuts, popcorns and beef jerky should be avoided. 

Why Are Dietary Changes Required with Braces?

A few dietary changes can bring a major difference to the effectiveness of braces. Selecting the right food will make wearing braces more comfortable. This will also help you in cutting down  the expenses of the orthodontist by avoiding damage to the braces.

1. To Protect Braces from Damage

The main reason for changing someone’s diet or eating habits during their orthodontic treatment is because of the risk of damaging braces. Foods that are too hard or sticky can break the arch wire or remove a bracket from its tooth.  When this happens, the braces are non effective until the orthodontist can repair the breakage. Avoiding any damage or breakage will help them get braces off faster. 

2. To Keep Away From Discomfort After Adjustments to Braces

When the orthodontist adjusts the braces, after one or two days your teeth will probably feel sore. While their teeth get familiar with the new setting, you should only eat soft foods. Foods that don’t require biting down or chewing can provide an ease for hurting teeth and gums. Liquid foods like Soups, yoghurt and smoothies all are better options for sore teeth and gums. You can go back to eating your regular diet which is braces friendly, once the teeth have moved into their original position.

3. To Decrease the Risk of Pigmented Teeth

Drinking and eating foods with high levels of sugar and not brushing soon after can cause teeth staining. It is best to avoid any food or drinks that will coat teeth in sugar or salt to prevent the tooth from the stain. While the piece of the tooth remains unstained which is protected by the bracket.

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4. To Change Chewing Technique

One of the biggest risks of braces is biting into hard foods or fruits with front teeth. Instead of using front teeth to bite the food, you cut them into smaller pieces and use your stronger back teeth to chew. 

Indian food that you can eat with braces

You can still eat most of the food with braces. It’s important that you clean your teeth properly after eating because food can easily get stuck in your braces. Here is the list of Foods that you can eat with braces:

  • Bread – cut out piece of bread, soft tacos and tortillas are better options
  • Dairy products – soft cheese, yoghurt and dips are good to eat with braces
  • Grains– rice, noodles and all types of soft cooked pasta are suitable with braces
  • Cakes & Muffins – pancakes, soft slices, cakes and biscuits
  • Soft Meats & Chicken – leave the popping off the plate but you can still have roast, deli and barbequed meats that aren’t too chewy.
  • Cooked Vegetables – There is no excuse for you not to eat your brussel sprouts because most of the soft and cooked vegetables eaten by a fork or spoon are fine.
  • Seafood–  Fish, crab, oysters and mussels are good foods with braces. Only avoid bones and shells.
  • fruits – soft fruits like bananas, papaya, grapes, pineapple, strawberries and other stone fruits (by cutting it off so that you don’t accidentally bite them)
  • Sweet items– ice cream, candy, smoothies and milkshakes are all suitable with braces. And yeah of course be aware of the suffering eating too much sugar can do to your teeth and overall health. So keep these as only occasional treats.

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