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Delhi Deli Bakery: A Fresh Take On Baked Breads in Yangon

Delhi Deli Bakery Having a Fresh Take On Bread in Yangon

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You want to satisfy your desire for a taste of home, or you just want to try something new that will excite your taste buds. The bakery variety at Delhi Deli, located in the middle of Yangon, is the only place you need to look! Delhi Deli, which is well-known for its delicious Indian cuisine, takes great satisfaction in providing a varied menu that can satisfy the preferences of all customers. And tucked away among the chaats and curries is a paradise for those who have a fascination with bread; it is a display of freshly baked delicacies that are just waiting to be discovered.

Dive into Diversity: A World of Different Kinds of Bread

As soon as you walk into Delhi Deli, the smell of freshly baked bread will take you to a world of pure goodness. They have a wide range of foods, from traditional favorites like fluffy white bread and golden brown wheat cakes to more unique choices.

Here’s a taste of the delicious breads at Delhi Deli:

Comfort Food: 

Their white bread is pillowy soft and great for toast in the morning or flavorful sandwiches.

Hearty Goodness: 

Their multigrain bread has a great mix of whole grains and seeds that give it a satisfying bite and a little extra fiber for people who want a heartier choice.

A Touch of Spice: 

Their fragrant Naan bread will take you to India. You can eat it on its own or with stews. They also have the deliciously savory Paratha, a flatbread spread with butter that goes great with your favorite dals (lentil stews).

Sweet Treats: 

Of course, a bakery would not be complete without sweets! Their buttery croissants are a delicious treat that you can eat for breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon. They also have different kinds of buns and cakes that are filled with chocolate, jams, and jellies, among other sweet things.

This is just a taste of what the bakery at Delhi Deli has to offer.  They are always coming up with new ideas and adding them to our menu, so come by often and find your new favorite bread

They’d love for you to enjoy our café’s warm and friendly setting, but they know that life can get busy. Because of this, they let you take our newly baked breads home with you.  Get a lot of your favorites so you can enjoy them all week or wow your friends at your next get-together.


The bread isn’t the only great thing about Delhi Deli, though it is one of them!  Their restaurant is just one way we’re trying to bring the delicious food of India to Yangon.  Along with their bakery, we serve a lot of different Indian foods, such as curries, dals, drinks, and sweets.  When you want to try something new or just feel like eating something from home, come to Delhi Deli. They promise a delicious cooking adventure!